Corrugated sheet


Polycarbonate corrugated sheet has light weigh;High mechanical properties; Especially excellent impact strength comparing with PMMA, Fiber glass Composite, PVC toles;None breakages or leakages;Weathering resistance, UV resistance; High light transmittance, Chemical stable.

Polycarbonate corrugated sheet with 5, 6, 7, 9 square waves fitted with the metal corrugated sheet used commonly in Viet Nam and world wide. The 5 round wave compatible with fibrocement corrugated sheet.

Various colors: As in the tableor other colors as customer’s request

Thickness: From 0.9mm to 3mm

Width: From 918mm to 1,070mm

Length: From 1m to 10 m( As customer’s request)

Plain and embossed corrugated sheet

Drawing of polycarbonate corrugated sheet with detail demension:

5 square PC corrugated sheet                                                 6 square PC corrugated sheet

7 square PC corrugated sheet                                                 9 square PC corrugated sheet

5 round fibro cement corrugated sheet