Polycarbonate pyramid skylight

Corrugated Polycarbonate Pyramids and Domes

  • NICELIGHT polycarbonate Pyramids and Domes are manufactured from genuine high-tech, imported polycarbonate resin of Bayer, Sabic,... with anti UV agent to reduce degradation. Pyramids & Domes are weathering resistance, none breakages or water leakages.

Advantages of products

Effective designs

Shaped Pyramids & Domes have four descent sides that make the water drainage easier. Simultaneously, the refraction of the sunshine will reduce the intensity of UV rays.

Various colours

Various colours of NICELIGHT Polycarbonate Pyramids & Domes: Clear, Green, Blue, Green-blue, Bronze.

Polycarbonate forming sheet Pyramids and Domes

There are two shapres of Pyramids & Domes: The symmetry and th trapezoid. Especially, the dimesion of the Pyramids & Domes could be produced as per customer's request.

Shapres & Dimension

shapres and dimension